Hello there!

My name is Sarah and I’m the creative behind Grapes and Watercolours. I love the sea, art, stories, Irish dancing, dessert, and my two bunnies. My most-used sentence is “…and that’s okay!”, because, while I can’t deny there’s plenty wrong with the world, we also have this odd tendency of looking sideways at a lot of behaviors that are fine and shouldn’t be judged so harshly. Like enjoying staying home most nights, you know?






On Grapes and Watercolours, I share my thoughts on life as an introvert, highly sensitive person and Duchess of Awkwardness. (Yes, that is my official title.) I also post free printables now and then to go along with my writing, because I believe that life should not just be bearable, but beautiful.


What does Grapes & Watercolours do for you?

The motto of this blog is Live passionately, worry less. All of my posts are geared towards helping you feel better, find ways out of dilemmas and awkward moments that all of us introverts share, and live your life passionately, happily, beautifully.

People tend to think that “passion” is very much an extrovert thing. But I do believe we introverts can be just as passionate – we just tend to be quieter about it. Sometimes a gesture of your passion for something is big, loud and public; sometimes it’s staying home with your best friend and a delicious home-cooked meal. So, welcome to this space dedicated to our own, quiet brand of passion and joyfulness.






Are you an introvert and/or HSP? Stay a while and let’s swap stories. I promise I won’t get overly familiar (aaaah!), noisy, or stand too close. I will put trigger warnings on my posts when they contain material you might want to avoid, I won’t spoil the endings of films or books without giving you fair warning, and I will do my best to contribute to more positivity in your life. Okay?

What do you mean when you say “introvert” and “HSP”?

Fair question, as there are different definitions floating around out there. I refer to people who recharchge their emotional batteries by being alone and thus find it enjoyable as introverts; extroverts, in contrast, recharge by spending time with others. You can read some more of my toughts on introversion here, as well as links to some research on the subject.

An HSP is a highly sensitive person. Many of us feel overwhelmed by crowds, loud noises and too many stimuli at once; on the other hand, we are extremely attentive observers of details and feel strongly, both our own emotions and other people’s. You can get a pretty good basic grasp of the concept, as well as find out if you are an HSP yourself, by looking at Dr. Elaine Aron’s test: Are you highly sensitive?

Ok, so art and watercolours. Why grapes?

I’m from from one of Germany’s biggest wine-growing regions, so grapes and vineyards embody an important part of my identity. They mean home and comfort and family to me, long summer evenings on the terrace with close friends, excellent food and village fairs. I hope to catch some of that feeling here and share it with you on Grapes and Watercolours.






Grapes are also deceptively simple – a plain, round shape, smooth texture. But there’s so much you can do with grapes, so many different kinds, and so many different flavours they can develop, depending on the techniques and barrels you use for making juice or wine out of them. That’s a lot like art and typography, I think – the basics are simple, but the possibilities are endless.

You spell some words very weirdly. Like colours.

That’s because I write (and speak) British English! So imagine me speaking all of my texts in that sexy BBC newscaster accent that we all secretly want to listen to, even if they were just reading aloud from the phone book. …What’s a phone book? Sorry, I was born in the dark ages. Let’s say “reading aloud from the dictionary”.






If you’re British and something I wrote still seems weird to you, it’s probably because I’m not a native speaker. I’ve been pracitising my English for about 15 years now and am currently writing my PhD thesis in English Literature and Culture (in English, of course), but sometimes, I nevertheless slip up and use a weird construction, or inconsistently mix in some American English bits; because, let’s be honest, we all like watching some of the many great tv series and films that are produced on the other side of the Atlantic. I’m particularly fond of How I Met Your Mother, Buffy, Pacific Rim, Star Wars, and super hero movies.